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Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery at MountainView Hospital Completes First Robotic Lobectomy in Southern Nevada

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Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery at MountainView Hospital Completes First Robotic Lobectomy in Southern Nevada

Las Vegas, Nev. (September 9, 2013) — MountainView Hospital announced that its talented surgical team completed a wedge resection and lobectomy utilizing the da Vinci Si robotic system. This is the first robotic-assisted thoracic surgery for MountainView’s Las Vegas Institute for Robotic Surgery and a first in southern Nevada.

“This is another example of how MountainView continues to clinically differentiate itself from other hospitals within the community,” said Chris Mowan, MountainView CEO. “By offering robotic-assisted thoracic surgery, we are able to meet the community’s healthcare needs with the latest in surgical technology. The robotic system adds another tool for Dr. Chung’s minimally invasive thoracic program.”

Dr. Arnold Chung, CVT surgeon with MountainView Hospital Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Associates, completed a wedge resection and lobectomy with lymph node dissection using the da Vinci Si system. Advanced Practice Nurse Tim Foley, APN-BC, assisted in the surgery. The patient is doing well and was discharged from the hospital.

“The post-operative recovery period for lobectomies and wedge resections can be long and is usually painful,” said Dr. Chung. “However, with the advanced technology at MountainView, we are able to treat patients using minimally invasive techniques and with the robotic capabilities, we are able to get them on the road to recovery faster.”

A lobectomy is a type surgery in which one lobe of a lung is removed, often used to treat lung cancer. This type of procedure can be done through an open lobectomy, in which the lung is removed through a long incision on the side of the chest, known as a thoracotomy. A VATs lobectomy is when a lobe of the lung is removed through three or four small incisions in the chest. The surgeon uses instruments and a small video camera during the surgery. Dr. Chung performs traditional and VATs surgeries, along with robotic lobectomies.

During a robotic lobectomy, the surgeon accesses the surgical area through tiny incisions and uses the da Vinci to enhance their range of motion, provide greater dexterity and an enhanced 3-D visualization of the surgical area. Robotic assisted surgery allows for a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery, and quicker return to normal daily activities. The system does not operate on its own; it replicates the surgeon’s hand movements in real time.


About MountainView Hospital:

MountainView Hospital is a state-of-the-art, full-service medical facility located in the heart of northwest Las Vegas, one of the fastest growing areas in the Valley. With a dedicated and talented staff of employees and outstanding physicians, MountainView Hospital (MVH) is recognized for high patient satisfaction and for providing quality and compassionate care to our community since 1996. The hospital is a member of the respected Sunrise Health System consisting of Sunrise Hospital, Sunrise Children’s Hospital, Southern Hills Hospital and several surgery and diagnostic imaging centers offering a complete range of specialized and technologically advanced services.  

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